Fox Replace Dr. Hibbert Simpsons Actor

Fox Broadcasting, the parent company of hit animated tv show The Simpsons which is now owned by Disney confirmed on Monday that Dr. Julius Hibbert, the longtime resident doctor at Springfield General Hospital who has been voiced by Harry Shearer for 31 years has been recast.

This Sunday’s brand new episode of The Simpsons which airs in the U.S and Canada will see Kevin Michael Richardson take on the role of Dr.Hibbert.

The news of the recast comes following the recent controversy surrounding animated shows who portrayed African American characters and Asian characters with white actors.

The Simpsons announced last year, that after 30 years, the character of Apu, had been written out of the show.

Shearer 77, will continue to voice Monty Burns, Mr. Smithers, Ned Flanders, Reverend Timothy Lovejoy and various other characters on the show.

By benjohnston31aolcom

My name is Ben Johnston and I am a freelance journalist who also owns and operates the IndyCar accredited website - I am currently seeking employment in the Journalism and media sector.

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