England Charged After Laser At Schmeichel

UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings again the England team after their supports shown a laser at Denmark’s goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel during Wednesday Euro 2020 final at Wembley stadium.

The incident happened as Harry Kane took a penalty during extra time which led the English team to the final of Euro 2020.

Schmeichel initially saved the penalty however, he was unable to hold onto the ball and as a result this allowed Kane to score on the rebound meaning that England went through to face Italy on Sunday following their 2-1 win.

UEFA are also investigating the England team after fans disturbed the peace for setting off fireworks during the national anthem.

By benjohnston31aolcom

My name is Ben Johnston and I am a freelance journalist who also owns and operates the IndyCar accredited website - I am currently seeking employment in the Journalism and media sector.

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