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Williams Team Up With 20th Century Fox For The Release Of The King’s Man

Williams Racing announced on Monday that they have entered into a partnership with 20th Century Fox to celebrate the release of The King’s Man, the third film in Marv franchise.

As part of the celebration a Williams Racing show car will be on display at Leicester Square for the premiere of the film tonight.

The Grove-based outfit will carry a special logo for this weekend’s season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Speaking about the news, Director of the film, Matthew Vaughn said:

“I fell in love with Formula One back in the eighties and will never forget heroes like Mansell, Hill, Prost and Senna driving the Williams cars. Also indelible from those memories is the presence of Sir Frank Williams; the astonishing force behind the team whose quiet rage and will-to-win was as evident as his gentlemanly approach to racing. Kingsman is proud to announce the new partnership with Williams Racing and we look forward to the future collaboration of two like-minded British institutions who believe in shouting quietly and redefining gentleman drivers.”

James Bower, Commercial Director of Williams Racing said:

We’re delighted to begin our collaboration with 20th Century Studios and MARV by celebrating the launch of their new film ‘The King’s Man’. At Williams Racing we proudly embrace our British heritage, both on and off track, and this is a brilliant opportunity to collaborate with, and support, British cinema.”

The King’s Man is released in UK and Irish cinemas on December 26.

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