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Pirelli Switch To 18-Inch Tyres

Pirelli Motorsport has confirmed that Formula One will switch to 18-inch tyres from the 2022 season onwards following successful tests of the new profile of tyre.

The introduction of the new-spec tyre coincides with Formula One’s new 2022 technical regulations.

Speaking about the new tyre, Mario Isola, Pirelli head of F1 and Car Racing said:

“This weekend will mark a pivotal moment in Formula 1 history with the definitive farewell to the 13-inch tyres that have been part of the pinnacle of the sport for decades. Pirelli has played a starring role in that era, just as it has done since the inaugural championship back in 1950. We’re proud of everything that has been achieved over the years. At Pirelli, we’ve always focussed on innovation to be a valued partner to the championship. We saw this back in 2011, when we accepted the first technical challenge that was put to us to create high-degradation tyres. Then again when we created the tyres for the very first hybrid F1 cars in 2014, and once more when we made the move to much wider F1 tyres – for the fastest generation of cars seen in the sport – from 2017. Now, thanks to the biggest rule change in decades, we take on this latest revolution with brand new tyres that are more similar to those used on the road by everyday motorists. This means that we have the best chance to transfer the technology derived from Formula 1 into our road car product. It’s time to say thanks to 13-inch tyres for all the emotions they have given us, as we look forward to a new era with the 18-inch tyres.”

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