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Masi Replaced As F1 Race Director

In what was comic timing the FIA released a video via Twitter at exactly the same time as Scuderia Ferrari launched their new car to announce that Michael Masi has been replaced as Formula 1 race director affective of next weeks Barcelona pre-season tests.

Masi has been replaced by Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich. The news comes as the FIA prepares to release its finding from their investigation into the events of the season ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

By benjohnston31aolcom

My name is Ben Johnston and I am a freelance journalist who also owns and operates the IndyCar accredited website - I am currently seeking employment in the Journalism and media sector.

One reply on “Masi Replaced As F1 Race Director”

Hi Ben, I hope Lewis is Happy.. Will be interesting to see if 1- What
new position Masi is offered and 2 whether he accepts it or not.
they could have left him and just added new personal to assist.. did not
have to remove him.


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