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Social Media Can Help IndyCar Grow Through Younger Drivers

SJ Luedtke, INDYCAR vice president of marketing says that the younger drivers coming into the sport can help the audience grow within the series even further due to their social media interaction.

Speaking to Paddock Eye in St Petersburg on Friday, Luedtke said that the younger drivers who have come in such as David Malukas have a massive following on social media and that this can be used in terms of fan engagement and interaction.

When it comes to the older drivers some don’t interact on social media much, however, this is something that Luedtke believes the younger drivers make up for in terms of their interaction with fans.

By benjohnston31aolcom

My name is Ben Johnston and I am a freelance journalist who also owns and operates the IndyCar accredited website - I am currently seeking employment in the Journalism and media sector.

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