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Williams Racing Heads To London

The Williams Racing Formula One Team was in Leicester Square in London on Monday for the world premiere of The King’s Man, the latest in the MARV trilogy of movies.

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Williams Team Up With 20th Century Fox For The Release Of The King’s Man

Williams Racing announced on Monday that they have entered into a partnership with 20th Century Fox to celebrate the release of The King’s Man, the third film in Marv franchise.

As part of the celebration a Williams Racing show car will be on display at Leicester Square for the premiere of the film tonight.

The Grove-based outfit will carry a special logo for this weekend’s season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Speaking about the news, Director of the film, Matthew Vaughn said:

“I fell in love with Formula One back in the eighties and will never forget heroes like Mansell, Hill, Prost and Senna driving the Williams cars. Also indelible from those memories is the presence of Sir Frank Williams; the astonishing force behind the team whose quiet rage and will-to-win was as evident as his gentlemanly approach to racing. Kingsman is proud to announce the new partnership with Williams Racing and we look forward to the future collaboration of two like-minded British institutions who believe in shouting quietly and redefining gentleman drivers.”

James Bower, Commercial Director of Williams Racing said:

We’re delighted to begin our collaboration with 20th Century Studios and MARV by celebrating the launch of their new film ‘The King’s Man’. At Williams Racing we proudly embrace our British heritage, both on and off track, and this is a brilliant opportunity to collaborate with, and support, British cinema.”

The King’s Man is released in UK and Irish cinemas on December 26.

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Goodwood Features In Venom – Let There Be Carnage

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures may be getting ready for the release of Spider-man No Way Home which is out in cinemas in Ireland the UK next month however, one Marvel film that has gained a lot of publicity recently is Venom – Let There Be Carnage, the eagerly anticipated sequel to 2018’s Venom as it introduces Tom Hardy’s Venom character into the MCU.

Motorsport fans who have been to see Venom – Let There Be Carnage will of course recognize one location.

Ravencroft, the secure hospital where Frances Barrison, aka (Shriek), Naomie Harris has been held is in reality, Goodwood House and its grounds which feature heavily in the movie where Cletus Kasady, AKA Carnage, Woody Harrelson breaks Shriek, his love interest out of the facility.

Video courtesy of Sony Entertainment via

Goodwood Estate plays host to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. For info visit –

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The Ice Road An Entertaining, Action Packed Thriller

When Mike, (Liam Neeson) and his brother, Gurty, (Marcus Thomas) are fired from their long haul trucking jobs, they are hired by Goldenrod, (Lawrence Fishburne) to form part of a rescue team who have been sent to rescue trapped diamond miners.

Mike is an expert driver, while Gurty who has intellectual difficulties due to post traumatic stress following his time as a soldier is a mechanic. They are joined on their mission by ex-con Tanto, whose brother, Cody is one of the trapped miners.

The route to safe the minors will take the drivers over extremely tricky conditions over the ice roads in Winnipeg, however, there is a catch, the ice road trucking season has been over for a month and with the roads starting to thaw the government in Manitoba has shutdown the roads.

The team manage to get the road reopened however, have they taken on more than they can handle?

As they set off on their 300 mile journey none of them could foresee the dangers that they would face as they attempt to deliver a drill that will enable the trapped minors to be freed.

Neeson, is as always great in a role we are used to seeing him in where he portrays this tough guy exterior but in reality he is kind at heart.

This may simply be a simple rescue mission however, all is not as it seems.

The Ice Road is currently available on Amazon Prime and Ireland and Netflix in the UK and elsewhere.

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Bridgerton Star Rege Jean Page Will Not Appear In Season 2

Bridgerton fans were in shock this evening after it was announced that the Duke of Hastings, Rege Jean Page will not be appearing in season 2 of the hit Netflix show.

Writing in her Society Papers published on Bridgerton’s official Instagram page, Lady Whistledown wrote:

In response to the note from Lady Whistledown, the Duke of Hastings posted on Instragram himself saying: