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It Was A Positive Race

AJ Foyt Racing’s Tatiana Calderon in the No.11 ROKiT Chevrolet says it was a positive opening race of the 2022 NTT IndyCar Series season at the Firestone Grand Prix presented by RP Funding on Sunday.

It was positive to finish my first IndyCar race. It was one of the toughest races of my career physically, but I learned with every lap about the car, how track conditions evolve and how to adapt to the different tyre compounds. I made some mistakes, it’s all part of the learning process, and we made an extra pitstop at the end to get more of a feeling for new tyres in race conditions when the track gripped up. It was all about gaining as much experience as we could this weekend. I’m happy with the progression we made through practice and qualifying, but the race was a completely different challenge, and no test can prepare you for that, you simply must go through it for the first time to understand how brutal it can be. A big thank you to the whole AJ Foyt Racing team for their hard work and support and to ROKiT for believing in me. Now there’s a month’s break until Long Beach so I’ll be working on the areas where this race showed we need to focus on.

Tatiana will be back in action for the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach next month.

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Calderon Gains Valuable Race Experience

AJ Foyt Racing’s Tatiana Calderon in the No.11 ROKiT Chevrolet gained valuable race experience as she completed her first NTT IndyCar Series race distance at the Firestone Grand Prix presented by RP Funding on Sunday.

The Colombian started the race from 25th and had a great fight with her team-mate Dalton Kellett and came home in 24th place.

Speaking following the action she said:

“It was the toughest race physically of my career. “Obviously, a hundred laps with only one caution was quite hard but I think we managed to get a feeling for both tire compounds. I did a few mistakes running out of road and a few things but sometimes you have to learn the hard way. But I was happy to cross the line to get a bit more information, a bit more fitness for what’s coming next. And to know where I need to improve as well and where I can maybe help with the balance of the cars, so I’m quite happy with all that information. Hopefully, we can come back to Long Beach and push harder.

Making his IndyCar debut, Kyle Kirkwood was extremely impressive as he too completed his first race distance coming home in 18th place.

“I’m super happy with the outcome of everything. “I think this weekend there’s a lot of new moving parts going on, along with myself, and everyone executed. Yeah, we were on the wrong strategy and we got hosed by a caution but that’s part of racing. We showed this entire weekend that we have pace and we showed pace in the race with the ROKiT Chevrolet. We ran right there with veteran drivers like Newgarden and Pagenaud. I was super happy with that. I was thrilled I kind of ran Newgarden down at one point so I couldn’t ask for anything better than that to be honest for my first ever race. It’s just unfortunate we were on the wrong strategy but we were on the right strategy until the caution came out.”

It was a disappointing race for Dalton Kellett who retired with a mechanical issue and speaking following the action he said:

Not the finish we were looking for. “We had really high hopes and expectations coming in from our best qualifying in INDYCAR so far, so I have to commend the No. 4 K-Line Insulators Chevy team for that performance. That was a great day on Saturday – really happy with how it went. Obviously, we were wanting more in the race but suffered a mechanical issue and will figure out what happened there, diagnose that, and make sure it doesn’t happen again. It’s part of the process and learning how to do this better every weekend and that’s all we can ask for. Just got to keep grooving and take the positives from this weekend and go into Texas.”

Team President Larry Foyt said:

It was a tough race day after a really good weekend leading up to today. We were hoping for some better finishes. On the 14 car, the strategy didn’t pay out with the way the long yellow fell due to the wall repair–it definitely hurt the strategy the 14 and the 4 were on. And it’s unfortunate the 4 car had a mechanical problem and couldn’t finish the race. Kyle and Dalton were really happy with their cars and it looks like we have a pretty good street course package. We believe that will continue throughout the year. Both guys did a really good job and drove really hard.

Tatiana did a nice job in her first INDYCAR race, and she made it to the finish. It was definitely the toughest race she’s ever done, so I think she learned a lot and will keep improving from here. We have to look at the positives, we showed good pace in qualifying, now we just need to put the whole weekend together.


A Solid Debut For Calderon

AJ Foyt Racing’s Tatiana Calderon in the No.11 ROKiT Chevrolet had a solid debut NTT IndyCar Series race on the streets of St Petersburg, the Firestone Grand Prix presented by RP Funding.

Starting the race from 25th place, the Columbian made steady progress throughout the race and came home in 24th place just behind Jimmie Johnson and ahead of her team-mate Dalton Kellett who suffered a gearbox problem.

It was also a solid race for her team-mate and fellow rookie, Kyle Kirkwood who finished the race in 18th place.

The next race for Tatiana is the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach which takes place on April 10.

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I Am Super Ecstatic

AJ Foyt Racing’s Kyle Kirkwood in the No.14 ROKiT Chevrolet declared himself ecstatic as he will make his IndyCar race debut in St Pete today from 12th place on the grid after a setting a time of 01:00.2616s and speaking following the action he said:

Just finished up my first ever qualifying in INDYCAR and made it into the top 12. I’m super ecstatic with that. We had a car that could have been potentially in the Fast Six, but unfortunately, on the one lap that you get with red tires, I just didn’t pull it off. I was trying to get more out of it than I’ve ever done before and pushed my brakes points a little bit further, and unfortunately, it kind of caught me out and I brushed the wall coming out of Turn 9. No real damage to the car but after that point, I just played it safe. We ended up 12th overall. Super happy with that, it’s right in the middle and we can make up some ground from there

Dalton Kellett in the No.4 K Line Insulator Chevrolet had his best qualifying to date as he starts the race from 14th place with a time of 59.9521s and taking to social media following the action he said:

First qualifying of the year with the No 4 K-Line crew. We had a great run with our Team Chevy. Great day to be out racing here in St. Pete at the Firestone Grand Prix. I think we really hit the nail on the head from a setup standpoint. “On the Firestone blacks, the car was a little free and then when we went to reds, it really came to us, he continued. “You just have that one lap to get it done and we got a quick lap in so starting 14th tomorrow. It’s my best ever INDYCAR qualifying, so I’m really excited for that. One of the goals this year was to improve our qualifying performance. With the importance of track position during the race, it’s really key to get a good starting spot so I think we’re in a good spot for tomorrow.”

Tatiana Calderon in the No.11 ROKiT Chevrolet makes her series race debut from 25th place and speaking following the action she said:

Pretty happy with Day 2, “We keep making steps forward. I’m quite happy with my qualifying balance. I think we found a little bit more where I’m comfortable with the red tires as well. They came in really quick and I was happy to explore the extra grip that they gave me so I’m looking forward to the first race tomorrow

Team President Larry Foyt commented saying:

It was a great start for AJ Foyt Racing. We faced some huge challenges growing from two to three cars, and everyone pulled together to make it happen. Having Kyle be the top qualifying rookie and making round 2 was a nice result. Dalton almost advanced and has done a great job with the limited off-season testing time. Tatiana closed the gap every session and made huge gains in qualifying. All of the rookies face a challenge with their first time qualifying on red tires and she learned a lot. Tomorrow should be a fun race and it’s amazing to see how competitive and exciting INDYCAR is in 2022

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Foyt Happy With The Progress Of The Team Following Day 1 In St Pete

AJ Foyt Racing team president Larry Foyt says that he is happy with the progress that the team made over the course of the opening practice session on Friday for Sunday’s Firestone Grand Prix presented by RP Funding on the streets of St Petersburg.

Speaking to Paddock Eye following practice, Foyt said that he was happy with the progress that Kyle Kirkwood made over the course of the session as he was inside the top ten throughout the session and finished in 12th place.

Foyt said he hadn’t spoken to Dalton Kellett at the time of our interview and he believes that the Canadian brushed the wall.

As for Tatiana Calderon, Foyt said that the team just wants to see her continue her steady progress and get used to racing a car with power steering.

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I Was Super Happy To Be Back In A Car Without Power Steering

AJ Foyt Racing will field three cars for this weekend’s 2022 NTT IndyCar Series season-opening Firestone Grand Prix presented by RP Funding on the streets of St Petersburg with Dalton Kellett starting his third season in the series driving the No.4 K Line Insulators Chevrolet.

Kellett is joined by Tatiana Calderon who will pilot the No.11 ROKiT Chevrolet for road and street course events having had a strong test for the team last summer.

Completing the line-up is 2021 Indy Lights champion Kyle Kirkwood who is driving the No.14 ROKiT Chevrolet.

Q: What was your first impression of driving the ROKiT Chevrolet?

TC: “Although I had driven the car back in July 2021, it was a completely different kind of track and I felt really comfortable straight away with the baseline and car characteristics. There are a lot of things to learn and improve but I was super happy to be back in a car without power steering!”

KK: “The first thing I noticed when I jumped behind the wheel of the No. 14 car was power. The power delivery from Chevrolet is incredible. The car as a whole compared to what I have driven in the past isn’t massively different to other open-wheel cars, but if I were to take all the best attributes of every open-wheel car I’ve driven, it would come out to be the Indy car.”

Q: You both come to this series with very different backgrounds. How does your past experience help you in the transition to driving in the NTT INDYCAR Series? Can you point to specific things in other series that helped in your transition?

TC: “I think every time you are a rookie in a series it’s tough, but I feel more prepared thanks to the series I have raced in the past. When I went to Japan for Super Formula I had no teammates, I didn’t know any tracks, and we had little time to adapt to different conditions, so I’m sure that was a great preparation. With the endurance races I have done the last two years, including the 24 hours of LeMans, I have learned about fuel management and tires, and that can really help in INDYCAR as the races are pretty long and the strategy plays an important role, so managing all of these factors are important to get a good result.”

KK: “I have spent the last three seasons in the Road To Indy. The category is a support series to INDYCAR and this allowed me to race on almost all the tracks that INDYCAR will be going to this year. That’s a massive benefit and will help immensely throughout the entire year since it will take one learning curve out of the equation.”

Q: Having driven the Indy car, where do you see the most potential for growth as a driver?

TC: “I think the level of competition is incredibly high, so I feel I still need to understand the tires and changing my style a bit more to suit them. The first time we will run the red Firestone tires will be in St. Pete so we will see how we cope with them and, of course, the extra challenge that the street circuits represent for me as a rookie.”

KK: “Only time will tell. I feel very comfortable already in the car but there is still so much to learn and turn into muscle memory that many of my competitors have had 10-plus years fine tuning.”

Q: How did testing at Sebring International Raceway prepare you (as a driver) for St. Petersburg?

TC: “I think it was crucial to get a feel for the car in high fuel and long runs, and to be able to do some pit stop practice with the guys as well as some fuel saving and start to understand the degradation of the tires. Sebring is a pretty bumpy track, so it was nice to see how the car was reacting and set up ahead of bumpy St Pete. Of course, to start working properly with the whole team and new engineers is always the most important thing.”

KK: “Just logging laps is huge for my growth currently. We ran close to 300 laps between the three days at Sebring, which is a ton of testing for any driver.”

Q: Going into the St. Petersburg weekend, what is the biggest question you hope to answer?

TC: “In testing, everyone is really doing their own program and you never really know where you stand in terms of performance so I’m curious to see where we are in St. Pete and find out if we need to focus more on race pace or qualy for the season ahead. Also, to see a full distance race for me using both compounds of tires and how well I can adapt to the conditions.”

KK: “As almost all drivers would say — Is what we learned and developed over the off season going to be effective on track?”

Q; What would you consider to be a successful race weekend? What are your goals for St. Petersburg?

TC: “We need to get as many laps as possible to get all the info and experience, so for me I would like to just get a feel for where we are at in the first race and go from there to put some realistic goals in place. Of course, as a racing driver you always want to win.”

KK: “Execution is key. Making sure we maximize our practice runs and come into qualifying with a good balance will be super important. As many know, these street course weekends are very dependent on how you roll off the trailer. I feel confident that we will be towards the front, but expectations will be made as the weekend progresses.”

Q: What are you most looking forward to doing in St. Pete that is not racing-related?

TC: “To be honest, I look forward to the race so much that I can barely think of anything else. Of course, I always look for nice places to have a good coffee and healthy food, so any recommendations are more than welcome.”

KK: “I personally love the city of St. Petersburg. It’s a short drive from home for me so this allows a lot of friends and family to come out to my INDYCAR debut. I grew up near the water fishing, diving, surfing etc. in Florida with my family and given the fact that the track runs right along the Tampa bay, I feel right at home.”

Q: With each of you calling St. Petersburg your home track (being based in Miami and Jupiter respectively), will you have a lot of friends and family at this race? Do you see it as added pressure or support?

TC: “It’s the closest race we have and a lot of Latino presence so for sure I’m looking forward to the extra support and energy that they bring! My family will be there as it’s a great new experience to be in the INDYCAR field. I’ll be missing my brother, but he will for sure be awake in Europe following the race. Having my family on site and more support around me can only be positive. I feel more relaxed because I have everything I need around me.”

KK: “I will have a handful of friends and family at this event, yes. Never in my eyes will I see friends and family as pressure.”

Q: You each met A.J. Foyt for the first time in testing at Sebring–did he confirm expectations or surprise you?

TC: “It was an honor to meet A.J for the first time and to thank him in person for the opportunity to drive for his team. He is a legend in the sport, and I was surprised how relaxed he is and his sense of humor is great! I hope to see him at many races this year and to represent the team in the best possible way I can.”

KK: “A.J. is an incredible person. His passion after so many years of being involved in motorsports is something very special and I hope to carry that same passion. You can see why the Foyt family lives and breathes INDYCAR!”

Dalton Kellett spoke about testing.

It felt great to be back in the car. It took a minute to get back up to speed, it can be so difficult to just jump right back in after not driving since the end of the season. I felt comfortable right away, but it just took some time to really get clicking again as far as really pushing the car at the limit. We worked through a full plan of test items, and I was happy with the changes we made – while not everything was perfect for Sebring, we got lots of information. Really the goal of a test day like that is to build up a list of tuning options for race weekends, so it’s more important to get an accurate read on the changes in balance than it is to find the perfect ‘Sebring setup’.

Speaking about the track at St Pete, Kellett said:

I love street circuits and St. Pete is a classic venue. It has everything you would want from a racetrack: good flow, technical sections, some good passing zones, and great fans! It is always an exciting start to the season, and I can’t wait to get on track. “

Speaking about his goals for the race weekend, Kellett said:

Qualifying. Qualifying. And Qualifying. I’m feeling good about our street course package and would like to continue from where I felt we left off at the end of 2021. Looking at that year overall, I think qualifying was the Achilles heel, so there’s focus on improving there. That will in-turn help us in the races and it’s all about consistent, fast stints in the race.

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Calderon Excited About IndyCar Opportunity

AJ Foyt Racing’s Tatiana Calderon says that she is excited about the opportunity to compete for the team in the NTT IndyCar Series. It was announced on Monday that the Colombian will compete in road and street course events in the No.11 ROKiT Chevrolet alongside Dalton Kellett and Kyle Kirkwood.

Speaking to Paddock Eye on Tuesday, Calderon said that is Excited to get the opportunity to compete against Juan Pablo Montoya who was one of her hero’s growing up. Montoya will compete in the GMR Grand Prix of Indianapolis in May.

Calderon, who impressed during a test with Foyt last season says that she is most looking forward to racing at Road America but is also excited about the season-opening Firestone Grand Prix of St Petersburg which takes place from February 25-27.

Calderon said that she learnt a lot from former AJ Foyt Racing driver, Sebastian Bourdais whose car she tested last season.

The Colombian also said that she is looking forward to working as as part of a three car team.

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Kellett Looking Forward To Working With Calderon And Kirkwood

AJ Foyt Racing’s Dalton Kellett, driver of the No.4 K-Line Insulator Chevrolet says he is looking forward to working with Tatiana Calderon and Kyle Kirkwood during the 2022 NTT IndyCar Series season.

Speaking to Paddock Eye on day one of media content day on Monday, the Canadian, who is in his third season with the team said that he learnt a lot from his time with both Tony Kanaan in 2020 and four-time CART champion Sebastien Bourdais and that he hopes that this will help the team to move in the right direction in 2022.

Speaking to Paddock Eye about his new teammates, Kellett said that both Kirkwood and Calderon bring a fresh prospective to the team, particularly with Tatiana Calderon as she has raced in so many other categories and he is excited to discover what ideas the pair bring to the team.

Kellett also said that in terms of results what he is looking for is for the team to continue their solid momentum from the end of last season where they were fighting in the midfield pack and to go from there.

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Calderon Joins Foyt In IndyCar

The AJ Foyt Racing Team announced on Monday that Tatiana Calderon will compete on all road and street courses in the NTT IndyCar Series from 2022 with sponsorship from ROKiT.

Calderon impressed during a test with the team in 2021 and speaking about her new adventure with the famous team, the Columbian said:

“I’m thrilled and very thankful to Jonathan Kendrick, ROKiT and AJ Foyt Racing for the opportunity to race in the NTT INDYCAR Series! Ever since I started my single seater career in the United States eleven years ago, INDYCAR has been a reference for me and it’s a dream come true to be on the grid this year! I can’t wait to get to St. Petersburg for the first race of the season! I’m well aware of the challenge ahead, but this is the chance of a lifetime and I’m keen on making the most of it

AJ Foyt Racing Team President Larry Foyt commented saying:

I’m elated to announce the continuation and expansion of the ROKiT AJ Foyt Racing Team with Chevrolet power. We welcome Tatiana Calderón in car number 11 joining Kyle Kirkwood in car 14, both in the very cool ROKiT liveries. With Dalton Kellett in the No. 4 K-Line Insulators Chevrolet, I think our 3-car team is in for an exciting season.”

Calderon joins Kyle Kirwood and Dalton Kellett for the 2022 NTT IndyCar Series and will make her race debut in the No.11 ROKiT Chevrolet at next months season-opening Firestone Grand Prix of St Petersburg which takes place from February 25-27.

Co-founder and CEO of ROKiT, Jonathan Kendrick said:

One of our fundamental principles in the overall marketing of the ROKiT brand worldwide is our support and promotion of women in motorsport and, as part of that principle, we’ve supported Tatiana for a long time now. “We recognized her talent and charisma early on, which we’ve seen grow and develop, so we’re very excited to be expanding our partnership with Larry and the AJ Foyt Racing Team by having Tatiana drive the No. 11 ROKiT Chevrolet alongside Kyle Kirkwood in the No. 14 ROKiT Chevrolet this season. We know Tatiana is already a role model to many young female drivers around the world and we think the huge exposure of the NTT INDYCAR Series will serve only to increase her reach even further to become an inspiration to many more women to get involved in motorsports.

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Kellett Continues With Foyt

AJ Foyt Racing announced on Wednesday that Canadian Dalton Kellett will continue to race for the team in 2022, his third season in the NTT IndyCar Series.

The Canadian will once again drive the No.4 K-Line Insulators U.S Chevrolet commented saying:

“I’m very excited to be back with AJ Foyt Racing for the 2022 season!” Kellett exclaimed. “We are looking forward to the year and continuing to build on the momentum from 2021. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be back in the number 4 Chevrolet. A.J., Larry, our team partners, and K-Line have made this a possibility, so I am very thankful for them. Looking back at 2021, we had moments of promise and some encouraging results, we need to enter the 2022 season on that trajectory. The schedule looks very exciting this year, some familiar tracks returning (looking at you Iowa) and I can’t wait to be racing in front of the hometown crowd in Toronto!

Dalton Kellett

Team President at AJ Foyt Racing Larry Foyt commented saying:

It’s great to have Dalton continuing with the team in 2022. “He made some solid progress in his first full season in the NTT INDYCAR Series, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can accomplish next season. He is a true team player and a great ambassador for AJ Foyt Racing.”

Larry Foyt