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It Is Time For Formula One To Adopt An IndyCar-Style Safety Team

Formula One needs to adopt an IndyCar-style safety team as an answer to the controversial 2021 Formula One title-deciding Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

When Williams Nicholas Latifi crashed in the closing stages of the race last December the recovery team was volunteers like all of the track marshals involved in the sport.

While the FIA has a safety car driver and doctor who attend all races and wait in the pit-lane in cars and are dispatched after an incident there is no dedicated trackside safety like the NTT IndyCar Series has with the AMR Safety team which consists of firefighters and medical personnel.

The most important thing about the AMR Safety team is the fact that the same crew travels to each event and that they know all the drivers which mean that there is peace of mind for the driver and the teams as the safety crew knows the driver when they get to the scene of a crash.

When it comes to Formula One, Dr. Ian Roberts knows the drivers as do both the medical and safety car drivers however, the marshals at the track don’t know the drivers.

The AMR Safety team can be on the scene of an accident within a matter of seconds following a crash which makes all the difference when it comes to getting help to the driver or drivers involved in the incident.

Formula One is a global sport and it is would be able to afford to pay for a dedicated full-time safety team to travel to each race of the season.