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Hyundai Reveal Rally1 Car

The Hyundai Motorsports World Rally Championship team launched their 2022 Rally1 car on Monday morning.

Speaking about the new car Hyundai Motorsport Deputy Team Director Julien Moncet said:

We are fortunate to have one of the most versatile crew line-ups in WRC to tackle one of the most eclectic calendars we have seen in recent years. We hope that the unique combination of Thierry, Ott, Oliver and Dani will bring us the right mix of experience, youth, and passion to deliver the results we’ve worked so hard to achieve. It is a case of third time lucky for the new events in New Zealand and Japan, to which we have been looking forward for some time. There’s a lot of intrigue and unknown for the 2022 season, which will keep WRC front of mind for motorsport fans around the world.”

Thierry Neuville commented saying:

“I always love to start new adventures and challenges, so that’s the most exciting part about these new hybrid regulations. Our target remains unchanged from previous seasons. As a team we want to fight for the manufacturers’ championship again, but the drivers’ title is always one of my personal targets, which we are chasing. In this new era, everybody is going to want to show their performance, as well as their reliability which is going to be crucial this year. We have made good steps with our new Hyundai i20 N Rally1. With every test, we have been able to feel more comfortable in the car, but the beginning of the season is a learning period for all crews and teams. I can really see an exciting season but probably with a lot of ups-and-downs for everybody.”

Ott Tanak said:

The target for this season is easy: to win. There is a big challenge ahead but it’s exciting and I’m certainly looking forward to the fresh start. Everybody in the team has been working hard; with the regulations changing there hasn’t been much time to relax. For sure, it’s been a big effort. The key for this season is reliability. We need to get the cars through the rallies, to give them maximum mileage and to get as much experience as possible. It will also be important to get the best performance out of the new hybrid engines and to use the correct mapping strategy. There will be a lot for us to learn but we want to win another championship and we will fight hard for that this year. I am fired up.”

Oliver Solberg said:

“It is a dream come true for me to be joining a factory team for the first time. I am very excited; it’s just fantastically cool to be starting this new season. The fact that the cars are completely new for everybody helps me a little bit. I feel quite prepared and confident but it’s just a great opportunity to be in this new era from the start. These cars are awesome. They sound better than ever and are very fast. I certainly feel good in the Hyundai i20 N Rally1, and it’s quite enjoyable with that extra bit of power. The main thing for me is to have a consistent year. It’s a learning curve. I am still very young, so it is good for me to work with the other drivers who have a wealth of experience. I feel ready to step up.”

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Neuville And Wydaegha Released From Hospital

Hyundai Motorsports Thierry Neuville and co-driver Martijn Wydaegha have been released from hospital after a crash during testing of the new i20 Rally1 car in France on Saturday.

Hyundai Motorsports tweeted:

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Sordo Claims A Podium

Hyundai Motorsports Dani Sordo secured a podium finish in the season-ending ACI Rally Monza in Italy in third place coming home just behind Sebastien Ogier and Elfyn Evans.

Speaking following the action he said:

“I am honestly really happy to have secured a podium finish here in Monza, and to end this era of WRC cars with a top-three finish. It has been a relaxed final day for me, focused and just trying my best to avoid making any mistakes. I’d like to say thanks to the team for another year working together, with some good highlights. I hope next season with the new hybrid regulations will be even more fun.”

Dani Sordo

Thierry Neuville came home in fourth place and speaking following the action he said:

“My focus today has been on enjoying these final stages of the season with our Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC, the last runs in this era of the WRC. I had a nice clean morning, picking up stage wins and just trying to savour the moments. We have had some incredible years with this car, and with Hyundai Motorsport; it’s been very exciting, and we’ve got a lot of special memories. I am now looking ahead to the new adventure in 2022 and adding more memorable moments together with the team.”

Thierry Neuville

Teemu Suninen made steady progress throughout the weekend and came home in sixth place on his debut for the team and speaking following the action he said:

It has been a weekend in which we’ve been able to make steady improvements, learning all about the Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC in different conditions. It’s tricky to jump into a brand-new car for this rally, but I am grateful to the team for giving me the opportunity and the time to get up to speed. We’ve been able to improve our pace step-by-step, and we’ve been fast on the clean tarmac sections, which has been a good thing. We just focused on bringing the car home, which we have achieved.”

Hyundai Motorsports Team Principal Andrea Adamo said:

There’s not much we can say more about this rally in terms of our performance. We struggled on the first day and when we were in a position to catch up on Saturday, Thierry had a small crash – as can happen when you are pushing hard to make up time. From that point, we could only focus on bringing the cars to the end and try to enjoy it as much as possible. As an event, it has been special to see so many spectators on the stages and in the service park; we’ve had a great atmosphere to end the season. Sadly, this has been a championship in which we should have done better, but we can only learn the lessons from our mistakes and improve for next season.”

Andrea Adamo
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Hyundai In Contention For A Podium In Monza

Hyundai Motorsport head into Sunday’s final day of action at ACI Rally Monza with an opportunity to finish the season with a podium as Dani Sordo currently occupies third place overall.

speaking following the second day of action he said:

Honestly, I am quite happy with how today has gone for us. We had some amazing stages in the mountains, and the circuit sections were better as well. We made some important modifications to the car at the end of Friday, which made it easier to drive and gave me more confidence. The stages were also drier, so we had a bit more grip as well. We are currently in the third-place podium position, which is great, however there is a small but tricky final day awaiting us. We will do our best to keep our advantage over Thierry.”

Dani Sordo

Thierry Neuville had some issues during SS9 and this has put the Belgian out of contention for now of a podium finish and speaking following the action he said:

After the first day didn’t go as expected, we knew we had to push to catch back time. It worked well on the opening stage, setting the fastest time, but we wanted to improve more on the next one. Unfortunately, we had cold tyres and two corners into the stage we lost the rear, ripping off the bumper. We lost a position to Dani, and we’re still fighting to get it back. Still, I’ve been able to enjoy myself today, especially in the mountain stages; these cars are incredible, there has been a great atmosphere, lots of spectators and nice weather, it is really fantastic!”

Thierry Neuville

Teemu Suninen was happy with the progress he has made today moving ahead of M-Sport Ford’s Gus Greensmith into seventh place overall and speaking following the action he said:

“I am pleased with the improvements we have made since yesterday, and especially in the first four stages. I was able to be confident in the car, and the driving was OK. I was still struggling on the gravel and muddy places in the Monza circuit stages. Still, we have taken a good step forward and that’s positive. I’m enjoying myself a lot, and it’s nice to see what the Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC can do; it seems a strong car, so we will try to improve again on the final three stages tomorrow.”

Teemu Suninen

Hyundai Motorsports Team Principal Andrea Adamo commented on the day’s action saying:

All in all, it has been a day that has not been so good for us, with some incidents that have penalised our cars. We were ready to try and catch up some of the lost time from yesterday, but instead we’ve been pushed back even more. We have had some stage wins that showed the level of competitiveness we can demonstrate, but it’s clearly not enough. All we can do now is see what tomorrow brings for the final day of the championship.”

Andrea Adamo