We Must Not Lose Sight Of Safety In The Pursuit Of Performance

The NTT IndyCar Series has been at the forefront of developing safety systems for motorsport worldwide for many years with the introduction of the HANS device in the early 2000s which is now FIA mandated along with the introduction of the SAFER barrier at circuits.

The series introduced the cock-pit Aeroscreen in 2020 as a safety measure to protect the driver’s head in the event of a collision of flying debris and it was introduced thanks to IndyCar working closely with Red Bull Advanced Technologies in the UK, chassis manufacturer, Dallara, and PPG.

Following months of tests with the drivers, it was introduced and proved to be a great asset to the sport despite a few teething problems.

Drivers in the series have welcomed its introduction however with the introduction of the new hybrid engine in IndyCar delayed until 2024, it has been suggested in some circles that the DW12 chassis be replaced and that the Aeroscreen is replaced by the F1 Halo system.

For one thing, the halo restricts the driver’s line of sight and the halo would also not be practical for use on ovals.

The NTT IndyCar Series has worked tirelessly in the pursuit of making the sport safer and the introduction of the Aeroscreen was the best option available to IndyCar.

The series has spent a lot of time and money testing it and it is a better option for the AMR Safety team too when it comes to extricating a driver from a car compared to the halo.

While the Aeroscreen increases the drag and loading on the car affecting the performance of the cars in traffic it might not be lost on fans or observers of the sport that this is all to do with safety and it is the right answer to what the NTT IndyCar Series was looking for.

By benjohnston31aolcom

My name is Ben Johnston and I am a freelance journalist who also owns and operates the IndyCar accredited website - I am currently seeking employment in the Journalism and media sector.

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